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VNPA Board Nominations DUE!

Posted 3 months ago

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The VNPA needs YOU! 

Please consider running for a spot on the VNPA board, or nominating a colleague. We have open seats for board members at large. The offices of Vice President, Treasurer,  and Secretary are also up this year. There is also one student seat open. See the attached file for details. 

To submit a nomination, or to nominate yourself (which is definitely encouraged) please send us your name, contact info, and a brief paragraph or two about why you would like to join the board, and what you think you could bring to the organization.

But I don't have any time!  How will I fit this in?

While board members do need to attend meetings, the amount of time you spend on board activities is very much up to you. Ideally every board member serves on one committee and as part of that takes on a task or two during the year. This can range from posting on social media sites regularly, to taking minutes at meetings, to attending Board of Nursing meetings on behalf of the VNPA. If you think you have something to give to the board please apply!

I probably live far away from everyone else on the board. How will I get there?

We try to have 1-2 meetings in person during the year, but you can participate by Skype if you can't make it in person. Board members are encouraged to attend the annual VNPA conference in early spring. 

I have never been on a board before - what do I need to know?

If you are an NP in Vermont and care about your profession - you probably have what it takes. If you are wiling to roll up your sleeves and get to work we will help you with any information you need. For more specifics see the attached file, or send us an email.

What's in it for me?

Aside from the satisfaction of helping to promote your profession, and the opportunity to hang out with other fabulous board members, board service also counts towards your re-certification requirements. You will have the opportunity to learn about board governance and advocacy. And it looks great on a resume!

I still have questions…

For questions or to submit your nomination, please contact: Megan O’Brien at


Please send nominations by Monday, May 27 at 9am.

The new board term starts June 1st, 2019.  Please see list of open positions and descriptions in the attached file. Nominees should be current members of VNPA. If you are not yet a member please ask us about how to join.