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Testimony for Senate Bill 243

Posted over 2 years ago by Callan Janowiec, DNP

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Please see the attached VNPA Testimony for Vermont Senate Bill 243, an act relating to combating opioid abuse in Vermont.  Please let us know if you have any questions about the testimony, or would like to get involved in any way. 


Ann Marie Dryden about 2 years ago

well done and thorough. I hope you are given the opportunity to testify. thank you for your efforts!
AnnMarie Dryden

Ann Marie Dryden about 2 years ago

reviewing the bill since discussion at the Conference- Section 4771- Coordination of Care- "(B) The qualified nurse practitioner shall see the patient for 13 addiction-related treatment other than the prescription of buprenorphine or a 14 drug containing buprenorphine and shall advise the patient’s primary care 15 physician."
was this the place Deb referred to as the only place they kept the word physician? I don't see it anywhere else.
As I read and reread the section it seems clear that they do not expect a NP to care for these patients without coordinating it with a physician.
Yes, with appropriate training or experience we can prescribe but we would not manage these patients without a physician as their PCP, with whom we would coordinate...
I believe this is the answer to Deb's question "why" they kept 'physician' in the language...
Please tell me if there is a different way to interpret this?

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