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Call for nominations to VNPA Board

Posted about 2 years ago by Callan Janowiec, DNP

Hello NPs in Vermont -
Call for nominations! We have upcoming vacancies on the VNPA Executive Board. This is an opportunity to be involved on a state and national level with NP advocacy, policy, education, and more, as a part of the Executive Board of Directors.

If you would like to make a nomination or for more information, please contact Megan O'Brien, the chair of the Nominations Committee, at (self-nominations are encouraged).

We are accepting nominations for the following roles/seats:

  • Treasurer (1-year seat) - we have an unexpected and immediate opening in the Treasurer role. The Treasurer is responsible for the management of the VNPA finances and maintaining non-profit status/eligibility. This role will be filled as soon as a qualified nominee is put forward.

  • President (2-year seat) - oversight and supervision of the VNPA Board, including running meetings, working with lobbyist/legislature, working with the Chair of each committee, and communication with VNPA Membership.

  • Vice President (1-year seat) - steps in if the President is not able to fulfill duties.

  • Secretary (2-year seat) - recording meeting minutes and posting to Membership, communication with Membership, and website upkeep.

Please be in touch with Megan O'Brien at for nominations or if you have any questions about an open position.  All positions (other than Treasurer) will be finalized by June 2016, following a vote by VNPA Membership. Please be in touch!

Thank you.


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