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Contact Vermont Digger! Follow Up From Thursday Evening

Posted about 2 years ago by Amy O'Meara

We'd love to get as many NPs as possible to email. As background, the article referenced S. 243, a bill inclusive of primary care providers, as specifically pertinant to physicians and pharmacists while omitting reference to NPs:

Please use the following language or compose your own email:

Thank you for your March 30th article in VT Digger about the VT Senate passage of S. 243. This is an important topic for Vermonters to know about. I am very disappointed however, that you identified physicians and pharmacists as central to the bill. The language throughout the bill is primary care providers. This includes Nurse Practitioners who are a critical part of the Primary Care system in Vermont. It is a disservice to Vermonters to not include them in your article. I hope that you will correct this future articles.


Callan Janowiec, DNP about 2 years ago

Just sent Elizabeth Hewitt an email from my personal email using the language you provided above.

Hoping she gets the message and we see more inclusive language in the future, as well as VT Digger as a whole!

Thanks for bringing this to our attention!!!

Deborah Wachtel about 2 years ago

I just sent a letter to Elizabeth Hewitt regarding her article in VTDigger. I included who I was and that she can contact me for any information regarding this issue in the future. It is so great that we are taking this kind of action, looking forward to more of this is in the future!!!!! - Deborah

Theresa Haywood about 2 years ago

I just sent Elizabeth an email.

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