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Weight Loss Medications Survey

Posted almost 2 years ago by Amy O'Meara

Dear Primary Care Provider,

My name is Brittany Granara, and I am an adult-geriatric nurse practitioner student at the University of Vermont. I am conducting research investigating current prescribing patterns and attitudes among primary care providers of FDA approved weight loss medications in the management of obesity in adults.

You are being invited to take part in this research study because you are a licensed, practicing health care provider in the state of Vermont. If you are interested in participating in this research study, and did not previously take part in this study at the VNPA conference in March, you will be asked to complete a one-time electronic survey. The link for the survey can be found below. There are no anticipated risks to your participation. All personal demographic information collected about you throughout this study will be kept anonymous and securely stored in order to protect your privacy. Participation in this survey is voluntary. To compensate you for your time, an additional link will be provided upon completion of the survey for entry into a raffle for a $20 equivalent gift card.

The data collected from the survey will be used for my thesis and might aid in future research. By initiating and submitting the survey, you are providing voluntary consent for the use of your data in this research.

I hope you will take the time to participate in this research study. If you have any questions regarding the survey or the study at any time, please contact me, Brittany Granara, at (802) 656-3024.

Thank you,

Brittany Granara, RN
(802) 656-3024

Link to survey: