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Sex, Desire, and Menopause! Study

Posted over 1 year ago by Amy O'Meara

Title of Study: Sex, Desire, and Menopause!

Principal Investigator (PI): Kelly White, RN UVM FNP student

Funder: NA

You are being invited to take part in this research study because you may be a primary care or gynecological healthcare provider for menopausal women. Your participation is very important and will be greatly appreciated! This study is being conducted by Kelly White, RN and UVM FNP student ,and was developed as partial fulfillment of the requirements of the 2016 University of Vermont's Master Science Degree Specializing in Nursing.

This is a study of provider perceptions, knowledge, and practice of current practice guidelines for delivering health care to women experiencing hypoactive sexual desire and/or low libido in naturally occurring menopause with a focus on transdermal testosterone.

If you decide to take part in the study, the survey can be found on the link/URL address provided below and is on a secure server through the University of Vermont. This survey will only take approximately 5-10 minutes of your time to complete. Respondents can save partially finished surveys and return to them later. The survey will only be available through October 28th 2016. You may receive a reminder to take the survey. This survey is presented group by group in a multiple-choice and yes/no format. There are 25 questions divided into 6 groups. The first question is mandatory, because it involves respondent inclusion criteria. After the initial question, you will have the option to not answer any of the other questions in the survey. By participating in the survey, you are providing consent.

As a participant in this research study there may or may not be any direct benefit for you; however, information from this study may benefit other people now or in the future. We will protect the information we collect from you during this study. We will not collect any information that will identify you to further protect your confidentiality and avoid any potential risk for an accidental breach of confidentiality. If there is an accidental breach of confidentiality, you will be contacted and notified immediately.

There will be no costs to you for participation in this research study. You will not be paid for taking part in this study.

All information collected about you during the course of this study will be stored without any identifiers (anonymous). No one will be able to match you to your answers. Anonymity will remain throughout the survey process and thereafter. The respondent information data provided will be kept separate from the survey questions. No respondent identifying information will be given to the principle investigator conducting this study.

Taking part in this study is voluntary. You are free to not answer any questions or withdraw at any time. You may choose not to take part in this study, or if you decide to take part, you can change your mind later and withdraw from the study.

If you have any questions about this study or wish to enquire about the results of this study, please do not hesitate to contact: Kelly White, RN FNP student at (802) 299-7728 (c) or (802) 672-2251 (h).

If you have questions or concerns about your rights as a research participant, then you may contact the University of Vermont's Director of the Research Protections Office at (802) 656-5040. Please keep a record of this contact information now. Thank you for your time and cooperation. It is greatly appreciated! P

Your participation is voluntary, and you may refuse to participate without penalty or discrimination at any time. Please print this information sheet for your records before continuing. Much appreciation and many thanks, Kelly White, RN FNP student


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