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Patient Choice and Control at End of Life Bill: Please Comment

Posted almost 6 years ago by Amy O'Meara

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VNPA would like to know how Vermont nurse practitioners feel about this proposed legislation.  Please comment.

S. 77 - introduced by the Health and Welfare Committee.   An act relating to patient choice and control at end of life.   

This bill proposes to allow, subject to appropriate safeguards, a mentally competent person diagnosed as having less than six months to live to request a prescription which, if taken, would hasten the dying process.


Kim Ladue over 5 years ago

I just want to say that I believe in this Bill. It is copied from the Oregon state bill which has been working well for many years. I have worked in Oregon and it was never an issue. It is so specific about how it is to be carried out, there is virtually no way this could be abused. I will say, however, the language starts out by using "NPs" within the historical research section but then uses the "physician" language and then towards the end uses "provider" language. I would recommend we ask that the language be consistent and inclusive of APRNs. As we all have probably worked with many dying patients, I think this gives the patient a choice about their final days and how they are spent--Death with Dignity.
Thanks, Kim

Deborah Wachtel over 5 years ago

Thank you Kim for your comments. The AANP state reps for Washington and Oregon both said that in those states the bills were specifically physician only language.
VNPA will be putting out an anonymous poll shortly to get the yes or no vote on supporting this bill. Please note that there is language protecting providers who cannot or will not provide this service.

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