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Response to Sanders

Posted almost 6 years ago by Deborah Wachtel

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wondering if the VNPA has an official response to Bernie sanders recent statements: Click here

At least Marketplace had a balanced segment today: Click here

not sure how I look for a response:
Feedback note: Not sure about this new format, Feels weird not being able to share these items or not begin a discussion with my peers directly ... has a 'gate keeper' feel to it. I understand the reason for the change but maybe there is a way to start a thread and members can choose to interact with a thread or not? just a thought


Deborah Wachtel almost 6 years ago

Ann Marie and everyone reading this, first of all these are great articles pointing out the need for our members to educate Senator Sanders about what role NPs already have in the world of primary care. Maybe we need to send him the IOM report so he can understand the barriers that the AMA, insurance companies, and CMS continue to create for access to care by his constituents.

For those who were at the VNPA conference, you may remember the impact that NPs out there in practice have when they send emails to senators detailing their experiences with patients. I would recommend that we all send him the second article as well as a few more that are out there describing the role of NPs and include an email with your personal experiences as providers.

As for the second concern regarding this new format, theoretically we screen the first post and then anyone can comment creating a blog-like chain. Let's give it a chance and if it works, great. If not we will reconsider the technology. Thanks!!!!!!
I am really looking forward to how others feel about all of this. - Deborah

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