Vermont Nurse Practitioners Association

Election Day is 1 week away: make a plan to make your voice heard

Posted 8 months ago by Martha Whitfield

As a Vermont nurse practitioner, you have firsthand knowledge of the challenges facing our communities each and every day.  Your insight is incredibly valuable to the elected officials in our state and your vote this November is critical to making sure your voice is heard.

Remember, Election Day is Tuesday, November 6 – that’s just one week away. 

Not sure where to vote?  Find your polling place here:

Not registered?  There’s still time.  In Vermont, registration is available during all normal business hours of your town or city clerk's office on days preceding the election and during polling hours on Election Day.  For more information go to:

Busy in clinic all day on Tuesday?  Voting early is easy in Vermont – and available through November 5.  Make a plan to vote early so that you aren’t scrambling at the last minute.  For more information about early or absentee voting, go to:

Your voice matters and so does your vote.  Make a plan today to ensure that your vote is counted this November 6.