Vermont Nurse Practitioners Association

SAMSHA allows CNMs, CRNAs and CNSs to apply for their MAT waiver!!!!!

Posted 6 months ago by Deborah Wachtel

Below is a link to the announcement made today by SAMSHA that allows CNMs, CRNAs and CNSs to apply for their MAT waiver. The announcement additionally notes that APRNs and PAs can now provide MAT to 100 patients in the first year and ultimately provide MAT to 275 patients if they are practicing in a qualified setting, which is defined in the announcement.

We understand that SAMSHA is notifying current MAT waived providers of these developments. We have been encouraging SAMSHA to make this change to patient limits for APRNs. AANP worked with Congress to include language in H.R. 6 that authorized SAMHSA to make this change via regulation, but they appear to have moved forward by issuing sub-regulatory guidance, i.e this announcement. AANP will continue to monitor this to ensure the implementation is consistent with the announcement. Also, this week the Administration authorized an additional $1.8 billion to states to help combat the opioid crisis.