Graduating Student NPs Take Notice: Emergency Temporary Licensure

Posted 6 months ago by Michelle Wade

Due to the state of emergency in Vermont and the world, Immediate temporary licensure for Nurse Practitioner Students who are graduating or have graduated and awaiting testing is now available. Governor Scott signed a bill into law on March 30th that allows healthcare workers temporary licensure before taking their licensing exam. The current state of emergency is what’s driving this legislation. Phyllis Mitchell, the Executive Director at the Vermont Board of Nursing, has confirmed that this new law enables the VT BON office to issue emergency temporary licensure.

For more details on temporary licensure, please see the Vermont Secretary of State website HERE. Your school will still need to verify your completion of the program you are enrolled in, but this option will allow you to work as a Nurse Practitioner before you take the Board exam.

Please note, temporary licensure is only for practice in Vermont. If you are planning on applying for licensure in another state, you will need to check with that state’s Board of Nursing.


Michelle Wade 

President VNPA