Urgent request for your action needed

Posted 5 months ago by Michelle Wade

I have an urgent request. We need your help to contact WGN America, News Nation using Twitter, Facebook, email and phone to pull an irresponsible news story by reporter Rich McHugh that maligns NP care. The story is scheduled to air tonight at approximately 7 p.m. CT. This news piece suggests that NPs are unsafe providers who are unqualified to provide care. The storyline parrots the recent book by Physicians for Patient Protection President Rebekah Bernard and a coauthor. This piece has the potential to reach millions of households nationwide. I was interviewed for this story, and the reporter’s bias was clear.

We have worked together to stop irresponsible journalism before. We need your action immediately today.

Sample phone message: 773-528-2311
Shame on you, WGN. Pull this irresponsible story from Rich McHugh. You are maligning NPs working on the frontlines of a pandemic. NPs’ outstanding safety track record is backed by decades of research. News should be free of bias.

Sample Tweet to @newsnationnow @RichMcHugh:
@newsnationnow @RichMcHugh Your news promo on NP care is irresponsible and clearly biased. Pull this story. You should be ashamed of maligning frontline health care workers when patients need more care, not less.

Contact Information
Email: Programming@wgnamerica.com
Phone: 773-528-2311
Contact News Nation via Web: http://www.NewsNationNow.com/Contact-Us/
FAQs where they have the contact information on their site: https://wgnamerica.com/faq/
Rich McHugh on Twitter: @RichMcHugh
WGN Social Channels
Twitter: @NewsNationNow
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NewsNationNow

WGN Executives - Direct Contact:
Jennifer Lyons,
VP of News WGN America

Thank you,

President, The American Association of Nurse Practitioners


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Phone: 512-442-4262