Annual Elections - call for nominations

Posted 3 months ago by Michelle Wade

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Greetings- hoping this email finds you and your families well. Our annual conference will be held on-line May 21, 2020 (registration open now!), and this year we will be hosting our annual meeting on-line in March (information will be announced soon).

The board has continued to meet virtually this past year and has prioritized efforts to maximize your representation at important discussions regarding the distribution of resources including personal protective equipment, vaccinations, as well as developing creative ways to keep the organization fiscally responsible in these changing times. 

It is time for our annual elections, and we are opening a call for nominations for interested people who might be willing to join us. Within the next 2 years many of the board will be reaching term limits and it is important to begin to bring in new members with fresh ideas now to continue the work of this important organization.


Our current election slate will include incumbents: 


Vice President: 

Emily LeVan



Megan O’Brien

Callan Janowiec


In addition to these positions:


Director (1)

Student member (3)


If you are interested in having your name placed on the upcoming electronic ballot sent to the membership, please email me what position you are interested in and a brief 1 paragraph bio. A description of board membership and duties is attached. 


The VNPA could not continue without your membership- your dues play an important role in ensuring that nurse practitioners continue to be involved in important discussions for health care delivery in Vermont. Thank you for your service to our communities and hoping you and your families stay safe in these challenging times.