2021 VNPA Annual Meeting

Posted about 2 months ago by Michelle Wade

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Hi Everyone, 

I hope this finds you all well during these trying times. You may recall that we have our annual meeting during a conference in March in a normal year. Well, Covid has made this less than normal and we will be having a Virtual Conference as you all know on May 21, 2021 

Because we are in a virtual format for the conference, we will have the Annual Meeting in March like always but in a virtual format.

The Annual meeting will be March 31, 2021 VIA google meets https://meet.google.com/hhu-wugr-zhr at 7:30PM there are enough log-on spots for everyone.

The agenda for the meeting is attached to this notice.

If you have an issue getting onto the meeting please reach out to me Vermontnp@gmail.com or my cell is 802-236-0683



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