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ICD-10 survey for VDH

Posted almost 6 years ago by Deborah Wachtel

As many of you know, the transition to ICD-10 coding is coming October 1, 2014 and is required for all providers covered by HIPAA who submit claims for third party reimbursements. CMS has recently reaffirmed that there will be no further implementation delays.

Please forward this email to the one person in your practice or organization who is leading your ICD-10 preparation.  If your organization has multiple sites, only one response is necessary. 

Responsibility for ICD-10 planning, training, systems testing and implementation rests with individual health care organizations or practices. If you have not already begun preparing for this transition it is crucial that you start planning now for IT system, financial and staffing impacts.

We have created an online survey to assess your readiness for transition to ICD-10 coding and your interest in participating in coordinated training and testing. The survey should only take about 10-15 minutes to complete.

Take the survey TODAY at:   Thank you!!  

Summary data will be made available to each association in October 2013.

Links to more information about ICD-10 preparation are at the end of the survey and this email.

Vermont’s Medicaid office is working with BlueCross/BlueShield, MVP, Cigna and your professional association or trade group to coordinate preparation, testing and billing system readiness across multiple health care professions and insurance payers. For more information, contact:, Director of Medicaid Reimbursement Office, DVHA, (802) 879-5937.

Vermont’s State Office of Rural Health & Primary Care (SORH/PC) is coordinating  training for providers and billing/coding staff around the state at considerable savings to many professions and organizations through a ‘preferred provider’ contract.  Stay tuned for more information, or contact:, Chief of State Office of Rural Health & Primary Care, VDH, (802) 951-1259.

For information about Vermont insurer preparations and testing opportunities, contact:

Find more information about national effort at:


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