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Disney owes our profession a public apology

Posted about 5 years ago by Amy O'Meara

Disney has a show called "Lab Rats." In it, a character fails out of medical school and is told by another character to "just become a nurse practitioner." This is demeaning on so many levels, the least of which insinuating that our profession is a lesser or "fall back" profession.

Disney owes our profession a public apology.

I just signed the petition "Lab Rats: Make amends for inaccurate and degrading comments about Nurse Practitioners" on

It's important. Will you sign it too?

Here's the link- Click Here

Please forward to your colleagues!


Deborah Wachtel almost 5 years ago

Posted by James Greenleaf, APRN

In light of the recent posting about the Disney show "Lab Rats" I sent this to the PR dept at the Disney Channel yesterday:

I have recently learned of a profoundly offensive comment made by a character on the show Lab Rats. One of the characters who failed out of pre-med is told he should just "become a Nurse Practitioner". I, and the tens of thousands of other Nurse Practitioners, along with the millions of patients to whom we provide good care, find this deeply offensive. We do not become NPs because we are not smart enough to be physicians, but rather because we want to provide the type of care that NPs can provide. In addition, your implication that NPs provide care that is second-rate is slanderous and just plain stupid.
If the Disney corporation feels this statement about NPs is accurate, then I, members of my profession, our families, and our satisfied patients will speak out against you and all your products. If you seek to repudiate these profoundly offensive comments, then it would be essential that Disney do more than speak empty words. I suggest that the Disney Corporation establish or endow a scholarship program for poor students who wish to study to become Nurse Practitioners or our sister profession, midwives.
Thank you for your attention
James Greenleaf APRN

Deborah Wachtel almost 5 years ago

Thanks James for posting a comment and providing a sample letter for people to use. What a grerat idea for them to apologize by providing a scholarship. I can't wait to see how they respond to you.

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