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Subject: Mental health; involuntary treatment; involuntary medication; judicial 6 proceedings

Posted over 5 years ago by Deborah Wachtel

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VNPA has been asked to give our opinion on this proposed legislation.  Please read the attached bill and weigh in on your professional opinion of this proposed law by either commenting directly to me or posting a comment on this blog.  There is a hearing on January 15th for anyone who may be interested in testifying.  Thank you.


Deborah Wachtel over 5 years ago

Hi folks, want to post a correction: the reading of the bill is on the 15th and they will be taking testimony on the 22nd.

Kim Ladue about 5 years ago

IT would be nice to hear an example of how this law would be implemented; ie., on what type of pt.? Is it only the mentally ill ?? Would this be appropriate for someone who may be in his or her home and need care because of self-negligence and therefore could be involuntarily taken to the hospital and admitted??
What will this bill do to help APRNs???

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