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Advanced Practice Providers Pediatric Surgery Update Feb 5, 2014

Posted over 5 years ago by Deborah Wachtel

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Advanced Practice Providers Pediatric Surgery Update Feb 5, 2014
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Join us for an innovative virtual symposium presented by GlobalCastMD, Children's Hospital Los Angeles, Seattle Children's Hospital that will be broadcast live via the Internet. Will feature distinguished advanced practice providers address the current evidence based management of the common pediatric surgical conditions in the form of engaging panel discussions, case presentations and lively debate. Audience participation is enhanced with live chat, polling the audience along with phone in questions and answer sessions throughout the show.

This activity is designed to provide advanced practice providers with cutting edge information to improve competence in the diagnosis and management in pediatric general surgery conditions to improve outcomes for their patients. Other health care professionals with an interest in pediatric surgery will also gain significant knowledge.


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