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Posted about 5 years ago by Amy O'Meara

Senator Sanders introduced the Expanding Primary Care Access and Workforce Act . It's great, but it doesn't include NPs.

We are strongly encouraging our members to contact Bernie's office directly to voice concern about our exclusion and encourage supporting NPs to support our large and diverse patient population:

tel: (802) 862-0697 tel: (800) 339-9834 fax: (802) 860-6370

The full hearing and testimony can be found here:

A six minute highlights video that can be found here:


Deborah Wachtel about 5 years ago

I wanted to comment on this proposed legislation. After speaking with the policy leadership at AANP, I have learned that although we are not in favor of "residency" language for NP or APRN post certification, this proposed legislation is a great jumping off point to get the conversation started on a national level regarding financial appropriation for NP education. AANP endorses the concept of post grad traineeships and will be engaging the Senators and staffers as this moves forward. Look for more updates and as always can express our thanks to Senator Sanders for his support of our work and inclusion in the proposed legislation.

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