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Posted over 4 years ago by Deborah Wachtel

The federal policy folks at AANP are actively working on including NPs in the prescribing language  of suboxone for all purposes.  I would really like to hear from those of you who have patients that would benefit from your ability to prescribe this drug.  Is there a need for this legislation in Vermont?  You can either start a discussion on this wedsite or email me directly at


Jeffrey Lourie about 4 years ago

I have quite a few patients who desperately want to be in recovery and all I can offer them is a referral to a physician colleague who doesn't know them. They then have to wait until there is an available suboxone prescriber who will even take a patient unknown to them. It's completely incongruous with modern medical practice to be forced to decline to treat a patient with a treatable addiction who wants to be treated simply because I am not allowed to prescribe a drug to treat their addiction. I would personally welcome the opportunity to treat my patients with suboxone.

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