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Update from AANP Health Policy Conference in DC

Posted about 3 years ago by Deborah Wachtel

As the sole representative from Vermont here in our great capitol, I feel the weight of the responsibility to urge our representatives to relentlessly push forward on home health and durable medical equipment barriers for our patients. But there are other issues that need to be addressed including removing barriers to NP ability to prescribe suboxone for our patients with addiction issues. We know that there are long wait times for people wishing to enter suboxone and methadone treatment and a willing segment of the NP workforce who wants to be able to address that need. We also know that some of these folks experience overdose and sometimes death while waiting for admission into treatment. Senator Schumer from New York is working on a bill to address this issue and I am looking for any input from Vermont NPs to assist moving this proposed legislation forward.


Paulette Thabault about 3 years ago

Thank you for representing us on these important issues. Both are critical, particularly in rural states where access and quality is greatly enhanced when NPs are able to practice to the full scope of training and expertise.
Paulette Thabault, DNP, APRN

Ania Mortier about 3 years ago

I agree Deb!
I hope you got the letter I drafted for review and collaboration with others to send out to representatives!
Ania Mortier MSN,FNP-C

Deborah Wachtel about 3 years ago

Yes, thanks Ania. I will definitely call on you when we need to start pushing. I am waiting to hear back from my NY colleagues as they follow up with Senator Schumer.

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